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Project Management Law - Graduate Online Accredited Law School Program & The AAPM

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To enroll in the Project Management Certification Law School course, please contact Dean Byrnes or Professor George Mentz.

The LLM law program works in conjunction with the AAPM American Academy of Project Management to provide "Project Management Law" Legal Training which includes project: Risk, Scope, Contracting, and also Global Liability and Compliance issues. International law applies to many projects. Thus, these PM courses are ahead of the curve. These Project Management courses are available to groups, departments, or teams and allow the successful attendee to achieve the use of the AAPM MPM Master Project Manager International Charter or the Certification and CIPM Certified International Project Manager Charter and Certification which are Professional Designations awarded to those who complete the graduate requirements

Project Management Certification Course Agenda:

Certified Project Consultant - Master Project Manager ™ - Legal Course Overview
Project Management is growing exponentially. It’s now used in virtually all industries, such as: government, utilities, health care, telecom, IT, education and banking. Effective management is how these organizations streamline to improve productivity.

As businesses are restructured, project managers take over many responsibilities. Expertise in project management is a source of security, communications, prosperity and power to many companies.

Course Timings:

All seminars and lectures will be online and "self paced" over a number of weeks customized to the client using live and video archived lectures. Pre-preparation, materials readings and course guides will be available.

Course Outline and Modules

  • Project Management Law
  • Project Management Contracting
  • Project Management Scope
  • Project Management International Agreements
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management Issues
  • Executive Management Issues

Global Recognition AAPM International

The American Academy of Project management under the supervision of the International Project Management Commission ™ is a the global Board of Standards for project management industry professionals. Our graduate designations are for those with an accredited degree or vast PM training and experience. Rise above the rest with a specialized Masters Certificate graduate credential. You can earn IPMC board certification and a charter as a: Master Project Manager, Certified International Project Manager, Project Manager E-Business, CPRM Certified Project Risk Manager, MQM Master of Quality Management or Master Quality Manager, CPC Certified Project Consultant, CPE Certified Planning Engineer, and CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant. The AAPM also offers several other specialist designations in: E-Marketing, Human Resources, Process Consulting, and Service Analysis. In the project management employment world, candidates should earn or attain extra and unique PM qualifications and credentials because everybody seems to have the basic project management certification.

Our Global Board of Standards issues Project Management Certification to qualified professionals who meet our criteria and standards of:

  • Specialized Training or Education from this AAPM IPMC approved and sanctioned program.
  • Experience and Positions within the Project Management Industry
  • Industry Knowledge in the Focal Management area
  • College educational portfolio or equivalency.
  • Clear Understanding of Ethics and Ethical Roles of the Project Manager
  • Continuing Education - You must strive to complete annual PM Education Each Year

American Academy of Project Management™ AAPM™

The Board of Standards for the AAPM ™ was founded in 1996, via a consolidation between the PME Project Manager E-Business Committee (PME) and the Founders Advisory Committee of the Original Condor Falcon Graduate Institute of Leadership Development ™. Although our origins and founders go back to the original Charter Investment Corp. in the USA from 1951, the AAPM and IPMC is newer in its present formation due to the changes in governmental management. The AAPM was originally established in as a professional organization for graduate students, IT Managers, Government Employees, Military Officers, and Analysts. The Condor Falcon Institute was founded to examine strategic leadership and planning issues for graduates professionals and leaders and to award the leadership, project management and consulting awards and designations. The AAPM Graduate Board currently recognizes over 12,000 Executive Project Managers, PhDs, Masters Degree Holders, government officials, and consultants as executive members in over 100 nations. As there had not been a graduate professional project manager organization specifically for Executives, MBAs, PhDs and accredited degree holders, The AAPM ™ has met this need and become the organization of choice for highly educated individuals or industry experts because AAPM requires an accredited college degree or equivalent for membership and certification. The AAPM receives its license, sanction and authority from the IPMC International Project Management Commission.

Furthermore, AAPM ™ has several Primary global certifications available for its membership which are the: MPM ™ Master Project Manager, CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager, PME ™ Project Manager E-Business, CPRM ™ Certified Project Risk Manager, MQM ™ Master of Quality Management or Master Quality Manager, CPE ™ Certified Planning Engineer, and CEC ™ Certified E-Commerce Consultant. The AAPM also offers several other specialist designations in: CEA ™ E-Marketing, CHRA ™ Human Resources, CPC ™ Project Consulting, and CSA ™ Service Analysis.

The AAPM ™ is the regulatory body for the much sought after AAPM ™ Designations and Credentials. The AAPM ™ Executive Designation Programs provide the assurance that the holder has met the suggested criteria for graduate credentials set out in the Ibanez US Supreme Court Decision and Dicta. Further, the AAPM board certification requires meeting 6 different levels of global criteria including ethics and our global body of standards which are the 1st Standards specifically based on the methodology used by global government agencies and departments. Acceptance into the AAPM is a high distinction and requires the holder to possess a graduate level portfolio of skills and knowledge. Acceptance statistics are not high, and the designation when achieved is a high honor strictly for accredited degree holders or individuals with equivalent backgrounds.

A multitude of original content, books, manuals and training materials have been meticulously amassed by the AAPM and IPMC over the years. As an example, the newest updated edition of global training materials for MPM and CIPM was compiled via collaboration between experts from: Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, The EU, Dubai and Hong Kong. As a global organization the AAPM board finds it necessary and urgent to include the best practices from advancing countries and experts from around the world. Our AAPM IPMC GRAD TOP Treatise of Protocols is evidence that our organization is focused on Graduate Professional Practices for today's managers.

The AAPM ™ has seen a meteoric rise to affluence and membership in recent years, as executives and managers strive to maintain and augment their education, unique credentials, integrity, and skill sets. AAPM has strategic recognition of over 40 of the top business programs globally including schools of The AACSB ™ International and The ACBSP ™ accreditation agencies. Thus, AAPM accredits and recognizes only the best project management training programs. AAPM also has an alliance with the RSOF Royal Society of Fellows Worldwide, The IPMC International Project Management Commission and the AAFM ™ The American Academy of Financial Management. Further, the AAPM has been listed and disclosed as a training and certification provider with the US Department of Education Resource Directory.

AAPM’s mission is to serve its global membership and stakeholders as a world leader in educating and reinforcing the international knowledge of executives and potential leadership of institutions. AAPM ™ now has representative offices in the US WTC N.O. Offices, Hong Kong, Beijing, India, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai, Athens, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Kuwait, Latin America and South America, Singapore, The Caribbean, Europe, and more. AAPM ™ mandates consent to high standards of professional conduct, and AAPM activities are International in nature and scope.

* Notice on Academic Recognition: Overall, because we have always required a college education equivalency, we have further positioned the AAPM, MPM and CIPM above the other designations; however, this policy does prevent the multitude from joining the AAPM.

*Diplomas and Degrees offered by the Law School. AAPM have never offered any academic degree or diploma nor cares to.

CIPM MPM Project Management Law Courses

Certified Master Project Manager



Links to Course Information and Syllabi - Each course is generally run once per year or more depending on enrollment.